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 Lost in the Crazies
 A Rick Morrand Mystery / Book 2

Garrett McRae has gone missing.

His companions—and his wife—spark suspicion.

The backcountry burns.

Rick Morrand faces a trial by fire.


 Edge of the Sawtooth
 A Rick Morrand Mystery / Book 1
Authorities assume suicide—for good reason.
But Rick Morrand doesn't buy it.
For good reason.
Praise from readers for Edge of the Sawtooth...

“A thrilling whodunit—Edge of the Sawtooth will keep you guessing until the last page! With each new character we meet, we realize the truth is complicated, and everyone is a suspect. The author never tips his hand though, and will keep you in suspense until the very end!”

“You’ll be captured by Ryan’s intelligent turn of phrase in this mystery, his humor, and his sense of the consuming intrigue.  The suspense keeps us turning pages.  I didn’t want this thriller to end.”

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Peter J. Ryan was raised in Chicago, where he endured endless torment and heartbreak as a faithful follower of his beloved Chicago Cubs. In 1969, at age 11... READ MORE